Scott Sturges


 Seattle, WA

Denali Denali from FL220


Hey, I’m Scott. I’m an airline pilot based in Anchorage. I write code for projects involving airplanes, bicycles, and more. I referee cycling and am the volunteer conference director for the Northwest Collegiate Cycling Conference. This is my personal site for projects I’m working on.


Luscombe 1946 Luscombe 8F seaplane at Renton Municipal Airport - KRNT

Luscombe 8

A 1946 Luscombe 8F Seaplane

Collegiate Conference Software

Software to tabulate and manage season points for collegiate cycling events.


A FAR 121 Airline

Anchorage, AKMarch 2022 - Present
Embraer 175 First Officer. Ground school instructor.

A FAR 135 Airline

Bethel, AKMarch 2021 - March 2022
Cessna 207 PIC. Ground school instructor.

Freelance Flight Instructor

Seattle, WA - September 2020 - Present
Provide flight instruction, stage checks, checkride preparation, and proficiency checks for local pilots and clubs in the Seattle area.

Provide transition training for Mooney M20 types (A-F, J/K, R models), vintage Bonanza types, Piper Lance/Saratoga, Cessna 182/205/206/207/210, Luscombe, and applicable float-equipped models.

USA Cycling Level A referee

Referee local and national cycling events. Washington State Bicycle Association officials coordinator.

Proficient with: